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TBN Property Co., Ltd. The Paseo Mall (Lat Krabang) 318/5 Ladkrabang Road, Ladkrabang, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520

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Mr. Chan Lertprasertpakorn, Chairman of the Executive Committee of TBN Group Company Limited has expanded his retail and real estate business line under the name of TBN Property Company Limited. His previous businesses included Toyota dealerships under Toyota TBN Company Limited and the food industry. Furthermore, Mr. Chan has future plans to expand into the hospitality and property management industry.

Research shows that the retail market has the potential for growth to reach suburban areas due to the spreading of urbanization, and population growth, including the various lifestyles of customers and their needs.

The retail developer will break into the community mall market under the name of The Paseo, with Toyota showrooms in every branch. The Paseo launched its first project on February 2, 2009, The Paseo Community Mall Suvarnabhumi-On Nut which occupies a total of 8,000 square meters and is a lifestyle mall integrated with Toyota showrooms and service centers to meet the needs of families and customers to purchase vehicles and utilize the service centers.

First Shopping Center Branch, The Paseo Mall, (The Paseo Mall) Suvarnabhumi - On nut

First Shopping Center Branch, The Paseo Mall, Suvarnabhumi-On Nut Renovations in phase 2 expanded the area by making use of 10 Rai from the total of 40 Rai and added a parking garage with a capacity of up to 1,000 cars, including the additional service as a 4-star serviced apartment hotel.

Second Shopping Center Branch, The Paseo Town (The Paseo Town) Ramkhamhaeng

This branch opened on March 25, 2014, occupying 30 Rai or 22,000 square meters. The highlight of this branch is the pet friendly concept, where owners and their pets can roam together in the mall and shop for various kinds of products. There are more than 250 shops under the concept of the project.

  • A place to relax and participate in family activities in the atmosphere of a shady garden with green space and areas for pets.
  • A community mall in the form factor of a car showroom with modern shops and famous restaurants located near Ramkhamhaeng Road (Sukhaphiban 3).

Third Shopping Center Branch, The Paseo Park (The Paseo Park) Kanchanaphisek

This branch occupies a total of 50 Rai under the project concept, which provides a green space integrated with 3 Japanese eras,

the ancient Edo era, the present Heisei era, and the atmosphere of a futuristic Japan with the highest technology and advancement by highlighting the unique architecture of Japan. This branch also uses symbols that convey Japanese culture. The Torii is a gateway to heaven in ancient Japanese belief and stands in the middle of the shopping center. A fluttering carp flag, which symbolizes the strength of a boy, and a lucky cat statue, which conveys prosperity for businesses, are also displayed. The total project area is 50 rai. 

Our Mission

We are determined, persistent, growing, and sustainable. We strive to achieve our vision based on the balance between customers, partners, and communities.

Our Vision

We are the leader in community malls that aim to create sustainable happiness and an outstanding uniqueness in terms of service, quality, care for retail shops, and customer satisfaction to the highest degree.