Open now. James korean. Grill-grill and Korean food at The paseo park, Kanchanaphisek branch.

So confused!! With a newly opened restaurant, buffet, grilling and Korean food at JAMES KOREAN.


It's open now. For girls and boys who want to be oppa unnies, you must try the grilled-grilled buffet. and Korean food at James Korean

The Paseo Park Kanchanaphisek Branch
Food Park Zone, next to the main road, very easy to find

The shop is clearly yellow, cute, pleasant to sit, looks clean, the shop is very beautiful, mom, plus 4 buffets, low prices, starting at only 199 baht! Three layers, neck ridge, or beef line, we also have it.


Plus, focusing on Korean food, whether it's fried chicken with Korean sauce, and fried gyoza, the indispensable thing about Korean food is kimchi.


Admin secretly said that this restaurant has SOJU to taste. Which one do you like?

open today Let's sit and eat and leave a review for you to add as well.

As for add, I would like to go grill and grill first.