Officially opened with Sukiya restaurant. For Japanese food, don't miss it @the paseo park Kanchanaphisek branch.

It's very touching! Newly opened shop, Sukiya TOKYO BOWLS & NOODLES, Japanese food line, can't miss it.


Opened for the first day with Sukiya TOKYO BOWLS & NOODLES shop at

The Paseo Park Kanchanaphisek Branch

(River Zone)

with the best promotions, quality food at an affordable price Who is Japanese food? I have to hit it


Special only today!! Customers who come to eat at Sukiya have a chance to win a discount or a cloth bag for shopping as well.


That's not enough. For the first 300 customers, get premium items. Japanese chopsticks Follow the concept of the shop. Hurry up and you will miss it.


 and a special menu that cannot be missed

- Beef rice bowl That selects the best meat from America and Australia with a secret recipe that has been inherited for 35 years.

Hokkaido grilled pork over rice, red hot sauce, new menu must try
Dried Ramen with Shrimp Must be hit!!!
Beef lava cheese rice, cheese, stretchy, easy going.

There are also many menus to choose from. Let's try